iaymh 2022 - Workshops

WORKSHOP 1: Youth Mental Health Advocacy – for youth, by youth

This workshop will focus on youth advocacy, leadership, and involvement, highlighting the various forms it can take such as grassroots organizations, advocacy, youth-led initiatives, youth campaigns, youth-adult partnerships, etc. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn and try out advocacy and fund-raising skills, hear experiential insights and successful stories of youth leaders, and interact with multiple stakeholders (including funders) invested in youth advocacy and leadership.
WORKSHOP 2 Measures Matter: How do we get measurement right in youth mental health?

This workshop will focus on the wicked issues involved in getting measurement right in youth mental health – who decides what to measure, what should be measured, how should we measure, how should we use measurement, are we using the “right” measures currently, how do we design and choose measures keeping in mind culture, development, literacy, trauma-informed lens, etc.

WORKSHOP 3: Stopping young people from falling through the cracks: Applying a missing middle lens across all contexts.

(sponsored by Orygen)

This workshop will focus on defining the “missing middle”, in other words, understanding who the young people are who fall through the cracks between primary or community care and emergency or highly specialized services. The workshop will also focus on the needs and experiences of those in the “missing middle” and how these may be shaped by contexts; and imagine and design solutions to effectively address the needs of the “missing middle”.
WORKSHOP 4: Leading the way: Best practices for youth engagement in a global movement for youth mental health

(sponsored by Det Sociale Netværk)

In recent years we have seen welcome changes with the normalisation of youth engagement in youth mental health, with great success in young people influencing systems and participating in organisational practices. However, too often, an unequal dynamic between young people and older professionals remains; with many young people asked to represent the views of broad, diverse populations. This workshop will focus on identifying the best ways to do youth engagement and participation, and refining what should young people demand. Participants will take away practical learnings from this global discussion of best practice to apply to their own local context and communities.
WORKSHOP 5: Re-imagining policy to promote youth well-being and brighter futures: COVID-19 and beyond
(sponsored by headspace)
While evidence for the short- and long-term impacts of the pandemic is still emerging, it is clear that there have been significant impacts on the mental health, education, employment and social lives of young people. Youth have also spoken out about concerns they have about their futures. At the same time, there may be an opportunity to build better as we think about recovery following the pandemic. Using evidence, sharing examples and practical tools, this workshop will equip attendees to think through, advocate for and implement policy priorities for mental health services, education, employment, digital health, etc. that promote youth well-being. It will also highlight strategies for youth involvement in shaping and making policy.